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The Annual Report is a premier publication that reports on institutional development and successes.

Annual Report 2017 (PDF)
Annual Report 2016 (PDF)

Annual Report 2015 (PDF)

Annual Report 2014 (PDF)

Annual Report 2013 (PDF)

Annual Report 2012 (PDF)

Annual Report 2011 (PDF)

MACE Merit Award Winner 2012 – External Online Publications Skills Award: Writing, Design, Creativity and Innovation.

Annual Report 2010 (PDF)

Annual Report 2009 (PDF)

Annual Report 2008 (PDF)

The State-of-the-University Address serves as a guide to the institutional vision of the year to be and captures the major achievements of the previous year. The booklet is based on the Vice-Chancellor and Principal Address given at the Official Opening Ceremony.

State-of-the-University Address 2016 (PDF)

State-of-the-University Address 2015 (PDF)

State-of-the-University Address 2014 (PDF)

State-of-the-University Address 2013 (PDF)

State-of-the-University Address 2012 (PDF)

 The Strategic Plan takes us back to our enduring purpose; to our core mission: We deliver high-quality, appropriate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) academic programmes supported by applied research, including those in Management Sciences, Education and Humanities.

CUT Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020 (PDF)

Academic Excellence is one of the cornerstones of CUT. This booklet is an overview of the numerous success stories in academia, research, and engagement. The publication was launched in 2015 and is set to become an annual publication (this edition offers an overview from 2010).

CUT Strides 2015 (PDF)

The magazine is another premier publication released each semester. The purpose of the publication is to tell the institutional stories; developments, successes, and recognising achievements.

Gratia Second Edition 2019 (PDF)
Gratia First Edition 2019 (PDF)
Gratia December 2018 (PDF)
Gratia June 2018 (PDF)
Gratia December 2017 (PDF)
Gratia July 2017 (PDF)

Gratia December 2016 (PDF)

Gratia June 2016 (PDF)

Gratia December 2015 (PDF)

Gratia June 2015 (PDF)

Gratia December 2014 (PDF)

Gratia June 2014 (PDF)

Gratia December 2013 (PDF)

Gratia August 2013 (PDF)

Gratia 2nd Semester 2011 to 1st Quarter 2012 (PDF)

Gratia June 2011 (PDF)

Gratia December 2010 (PDF)

Gratia June 2010 (PDF)

The prospectus is a comprehensive guide to the programmes offered by CUT.

Quick Reference Guide 2020 (PDF)
Quick Reference Guide 2018/2019(PDF)

Quick Reference Guide 2016/2017 (PDF)

Prospectus 2017 (PDF)

Prospectus 2016 (PDF)

Uploaded: 26 January 2020
CUT and PSC partner to address challenges in the public sector

CUT and PSC partner to address challenges in the public sector

Faculty of Management Sciences CUT News Partnerships

On 21 January 2020 the Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT) and the Public Service Commission...

CUT launches the i-KUDU collaborative online international learning project

CUT launches the i-KUDU collaborative online international learning project

CUT News International

CUT academics who formed part at the official launch of the Collaborative Online International Learning...

CUT congratulates Masinde family of top achievers

CUT congratulates Masinde family of top achievers

Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology CUT News Partnerships

Amongst the top 100 learners that were appreciated and celebrated at the Free State Department of Education’s...