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Students are subject to the rules, regulations, policies and procedures of the Central University of Technology, Free State; provided that the formulation, amendment and suspension of such rules, regulations, policies and procedures are prerogatives of the Central University of Technology, Free State.

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DocumentShort Description
1 Calendar 2018 Part 1Message from the Vice-Chancellor and Principal
Vision, mission and core values Historical overview Map of the city of Bloemfontein Map of the Bloemfontein campus Layout of the Bloemfontein campus buildings Map of the city of Welkom Map of the Welkom campus Layout of the Welkom campus buildings Symbolism of the logo Table of contents Index Disclaimer Observation of silent reflection Important notice to all students Addresses Telephone numbers Recesses Year Programme: 2018 Student Calendar: 2018 CUT Council Institutional Forum Senate Management Committee Honorary degrees Non-lecturing and support services staff: Bloemfontein campus Internal Auditors Convocation Non-lecturing and support services staff: Welkom campus Definitions 
2 Calendar 2018 Chap 1 – 18Chapter 1 – Important information, documents, rules and regulations for studentsChapter 2 – General administrative rules for studentsChapter 3 – Regulations on how the bill of rights is to be implemented within CUT
Chapter 4 – General rules for students Chapter 5 – Admission policy of CUT Chapter 6 – Work-integrated Learning Chapter 7 – Rules for bursaries/loans (financial support) Chapter 8 – Language policy Chapter 9 – Summary of assessment rules and regulations: 2018 Chapter 10 – Library and Information Services rules Chapter 11 – Code of conduct for students Chapter 12 – Disciplinary rules for students Chapter 13 – Grievance procedure Chapter 14 – Traffic rules Chapter 15 – Rules of the Protection Services Unit Chapter 16 – Residence rules Chapter 17 – Constitution of the Students’ Representative Council Chapter 18 – Academic dress 
3 Calendar 2018 Chap 19Chapter 19 – Faculty of Management Sciences
4 Calendar 2018 Chap 20Chapter 20 – Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
5 Calendar 2018 Chap 21Chapter 21 – Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences
6 Calendar 2018 Chap 22Chapter 22 – Faculty of Humanities
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