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The Department is Communication Sciences. We offer an undergraduate Diploma in Language Practice and Media Studies. The purpose of this qualification is to prepare students to become Language Practitioners or work in a media-related field. There is a strong emphasis on translation and media in this qualification. During their third year of study, the students complete a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) module. WIL is when we place students in organisations to acquire hands-on experience in the working environment. These students can work as journalists, radio broadcasters, editors, translators or language practitioners.

Thereafter, the student can also pursue an Advanced Diploma in Language Practice or an Advanced Diploma in Media studies. This qualification allows the student to start specialising in either Language or Media. Students that enrol for the Language Practice advanced diploma will pursue careers as language practitioners, translators and editors. Those who enrol for Advanced Diploma in Media Studies will pursue careers as journalists, news reports, presenters, radio announcers.

We introducing Postgraduate qualifications. Postgraduate Diploma in Media Studies and the Postgraduate Diploma in Language Practice. These qualifications will further hone the skills of students into becoming good translators, editors and language practitioners. In the Media studies qualification, there is an entrepreneurship component aimed at equipping students with skills to open businesses. Also, they will be exposed to an in-depth research component. On the other hand, the Language Practice students will explore language development and linguistics at deeper level. This will ensure that the students are astute in editing, translating and writing.

We also have a Master’s qualification: Master of Communication in Language Practice which is research-based. Students are required to write a dissertation.

Finally, we have a doctoral qualification, which is research-based as well. Doctor of Communication in Language Practice.

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