Doctorate : Doctor of Communication in Language Practice



Duration of Programme

Enrolment Option(s)

SAQA Credits

NQF Level

Bloemfontein Campus, Welkom Campus

Semester 1



Additional Admission Requirements

A Master of Communication in Language Practice or the equivalent thereof.

Career Opportunities

Language Practitioner; Training Officer; Copywriter; Administrative Officer; Translator; Communications Officer; Technical Writer; Public Relations Officer; Journalist; Conference Organiser.

The main purpose of this qualification is to develop high-level research competence in students so that they can make a significant and original academic contribution at the frontiers of their discipline or field, that is, Language Practice. Emphasis is placed on self-directed reading and scientific enquiry. Students will be encouraged to give attention to the merging of international and local knowledge obtained from credible and recent sources. The curriculum requires learners to submit a full thesis. In this way learners will show that they have acquired a requisite research skill set and knowledge.

Should you be interested in pursuing your doctorate, contact the department to discuss.

For more information, contact: Department of Communication Sciences

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