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Always wanted to travel? See the world through Academic Exchange programmes that CUT has established with countries across the globe. Academic Exchange Staff and Students will be assisted with:

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Outbound Exchange staff and students

  • Act as an information hub for partner linkages that CUT has
  • Information about host partner institutions and faculties
  • Facilitate host academic placement
  • Assist with visa and study permit application
  • Offer pre-departure orientation on host institution
  • Offer post-exchange academic administration


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Selected courses (programmes) at CUT are offered with per semester modules/subjects. Below follows a catalogue of these programmes.

Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology Catalogue

 Department of Information Technology

  • Information Technology Management IV
  • Advanced Development Software IV
  • Database Systems IV
  • Development Software IV
  • Software Engineering IV
  • Communication Networks IV
  • Operating Systems IV
  • Computer Architecture IV
  • Computer Security IV
  • Internet Programming IV
  • Advanced Communication Networks IV
  •  Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering

     Postgraduate Degrees

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    Faculty of Humanities Catalogue

     Department of Communication Sciences

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    Faculty of Management Sciences Catalogue

     Department of Accounting and Auditing


     Department of Business Support Studies


     Department of Government Management

  • Public Resource Management I
  • Public Office Management I
  • Public Information Services I
  • Public Service Delivery I
  • Public Decision-Making I
  • Self-Management I
  • Public Financial Management II
  • Public Human Resource Management II
  • Public Information Practices II
  • Project Management II
  • Procurement and Logistics Management II
  • Fundamentals of Research III
  • Public Financial and Procurement Management III
  • Public Human Resources management III
  • Management of Information III
  • Intersectoral Collaboration III
  • Policy Studies III
  • Programme Management III
  • See full Public Management Syllabi

     Department of Tourism and Event Management

  • Tourism Development III
  • Travel and Tourism Management III
  • Travel and Tourism Practice III
  • Tourism Management Practice II
  • See full Tourism Management Syllabi

     Postgraduate Degrees

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    Other faculties at CUT

    All courses (programmes) offered in the faculties below have year modules/subjects.

    Research and Innovation




    CUT students explore Belgium On 28th February 2015, three Communication Sciences students from Welkom Campus left for Belgium on a four months academic exchange programme. At Thomas More University in Mechele City, the students, Angel Mokhuwa-B Tech, Monyatsi Mokhunoane B Tech, and Refiloe Makibi 3rd year National Diploma were enrolled for Communication Management and all attended in the same class. The subjects offered were Media Analysis, English 4, International Project 2, Survival Dutch, Ethical Managerial Problem Solving, Asian business Topics and Intercultural Communications. All three of them echoed the same sentiments about CUT curriculum that made them outstanding in all they did. Their programme ended in June and their performance is reflected in their academic results.


    Refiloe Felicia Makibi was at the annual cultural day in Mechelen where a group of Belgians dressed up and acted out stories from the bible and show casing the history of Mechelen.

    Refiloe Makibi said, “We were selected based on our academic performance. For me, South African Education is superior and CUT’s curriculum is the best. In Belgium, we performed exceptionally well because here at home we do a lot of theory, assignments, tests and examinations where’s in Belgium they do not write tests and for me everything that we did was a piece of cake. They do not attend school every day, there’s free days where students do assignments and study and here we learn to multitask, which is the best practice.” Angel Mokhuwa elaborated on the trio’s performance. “We were exceptional and the experience was breath taking. All we did was to study! We never missed a class and learnt the basics of Dutch. I would like to see CUT implementing oral exams because it ensures that students know their work and understand what they have learnt. I am proud of the quality of education we get here at CUT, at Thomas More, we were given less work, and we were scared that we will end up being lazy but overall, we are grateful for this opportunity.” Monyatsi Mokhunoane spoke about the culture and diversity he observed at Thomas More. “Thomas More is a University with a culture that is very diverse, student there are from all over the world. This was an eye opener for me as I have learnt to be more accommodative to new experiences. Assessments are mostly done in a form of presentations and oral exams. Students are not hostile around their lecturers. What was most interesting is that, they have a subject that is part of the curriculum where they fundraise for a certain project and are assessed on it. I am still happy to be part of CUT. Our curriculum is still the best!”


    Front row: Angel Galaletsang Mokhuwa, Kgalaletso, Refiloe Makibi, Ward and Marie (founders) and a group of djembe performers who were at a developmental project where they are raising funds for the needy African primary school children in Maritania, 2015.


    Angel Mokhuwa, Refiloe Makibi and Phillip Monyatsi went for sight-seeing around the City of Mechelen, 2015.


    Brussels City, Angel Mokhuwa and Refiloe Makibi met with a cultural music band from Spain and taught them how to sing the South African National Anthem, 2015.

    At Home

    Each year, CUT hosts students from its international partner institutions for a period of six to twelve. Students are placed at different Faculties for different academic programmes. The results reflect on their academic record as part of their academic growth. In 2014 and 2015, 24 CUT students were sent abroad on these programmes to the following partner Universities: Aalen University of Applied Sciences, ULM University of Applied Science, Harz University of Applied Science, Hanze University of Applied Sciences and Thomas More. The duration of their programmes run from three weeks to a full semester abroad. CUT has hosted 55 students (2014/2015 academic cycle) in the following academic programmes: Business Administration and Business Management in the Faculty of Management Sciences, Built Environment, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology; Language Practice and Education in the Faculty of Humanities as well as in Research Centres such as CRPM and PDTS.


    Back row from left: Faith Tshula, CUT; Ellis Neirynck, Thomas More University, Belgium; Roos Arnhem van –Patricia Colle, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands; Christian Fröhlich, Ulm University of Applied Sciences, Germany; Victor Matseka, CUT; Simon Ryswick, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands;  Iiris Mattila, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, Finland; Lucas Weyh, Harz University of Applied Sciences, Germany; and Ville Manninen, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, Finland.Front row from left: Tirsa Kruger, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands; Stefanie Streit, Harz University of Applied Sciences, Germany; Aino Leiviskä, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, Finland; Maarten Sikkens, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands; Maurits Herwig, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands; Kristel Overkempe, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands; Fundiswa Sonqae, CUT; and Seadimo Moikwatlhai, CUT.

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