The CCRF was established under several guiding principles, which include:

Providing relief, financial or in-kind to deserving institutions for the vulnerable citizens such as establishments for the aged, abused women and children; and to supplement the CUT “No student go hungry programme”.

Due to the wide array of adverse impacts arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, requests submitted to the CCRF are rather significant. Based on this, the CCRF committee needed to apply certain criterion to ensure that the limited funds available provide relief to the most vulnerable.

Each application is, therefore, reviewed and assessed based on the following criterion:

  1. Student must not be a Bursary Recipient;
  2. Must not be a recipient of Post Graduate Fund;
  3. Must not be part of the Poverty Alleviation Programme; and
  4. Must not be an NSFAS Recipient

For students that are NSFAS recipients and that have not received their allowances, kindly send an e-mail to the Fees and Financial Aid Officer in your respective faculty:

Applicants, we request that you submit your relief fund application once. Multiple applications flood the administrators of the fund and the process is delayed.

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Uploaded: 27 May 2020