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7th annual PwC and CUT Business Ethics awards

7th annual PwC and CUT Business Ethics awards

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Ecstatic members of the winning team receiving their prizes from Mrs Annette Loots, Senior Manager:...

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The planning and development of CUT’s courses are based on the expert advice of consultative committees and specialists in business, commerce, the public sector and industry. All courses are vocationally oriented and based on a rigorous analytical approach.

It is the Faculty’s objective to prepare graduates for professional business and public management practice. As a result of adopting a unique approach to business and public management training, the employment rate of our graduates is high.  If you are interested in a career in the field of Accounting, Internal Auditing, Financial Information Systems, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Business Administration, Community Development, Office Management and Technology, Marketing Management, Public Management, Tourism Management or Hospitality Management, this Faculty is the place to be.

The offering of any programme is subject to a minimum number of candidates expressing interest therein and/or being selected for that specific programme.

Qualification Structure

The National Diploma is a three-year, full-time, career-oriented qualification. After completing the National Diploma, the student may continue with a fourth year of study to obtain the Baccalaureus Technologiae (BTech) degree, subject to meeting specific programme requirements. A student who is already part of the active workforce and who possesses an M+3 qualification (or equivalent) may complete the BTech degree part-time over a two-year period (or over a one-year period in the case of the BTech: Public Management). Students also have the opportunity to enrol for the Magister Technologiae (MTech) and Doctor Technologiae (DTech) degrees (where applicable).

In the Department of Accounting and Auditing, students must first complete the two-year National Higher Certificate on a full-time basis before they may enrol for the National Diploma in their third year. Thereafter, students may progress to the BTech degrees.

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