The Centre is responsible for providing a number of comprehensive services, namely: health and psychological counselling services, academic support, reading development, social work services, chaplaincy services, and the selection of prospective students. Psychological and Social Services can be found on the second floor of the Lapeng Student Centre, while the Medical Centre is situated alongside the Welgemoed residence.

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 Services to Enrolled Students

Are your personal problems weighing you down? Are you depressed? Do you lack self-confidence? Are you involved in unhealthy relationships or experiencing domestic problems?

The Wellness Centre will address these personal issues, as well as all stumbling blocks hindering your progress towards achieving academic success at CUT, through individual and/or group counselling sessions. The Centre offers a wide range of life skills programmes, including stress management, assertiveness training and motivation. The Wellness Centre is specifically there for you as a student.

The services (as listed below) are provided by registered psychologists and all information is strictly confidential. If you have any form of personal crisis, we are here to help you and you are welcome to visit us. Services are offered free of charge on an appointment basis to all enrolled students.


Course informationAdjustment problems
Change of courseRelationship/Family problems
Study guidancePersonal/Emotional problems
Academic assistanceDealing with trauma (rape, loss of a loved one, etc.)
Reading developmentDepression
Wellness programmesAlcohol and drug abuse

 Services to Prospective Students

Selection Test

The Wellness Centre offers a service aimed at improving the reading and studying techniques of students.

The aim is to give students the opportunity to improve their reading speed and reading comprehension as much as possible in a controlled and scientific manner. Reading and study courses are offered on a regular basis, and the service is free of charge.

The Centre also has two computerised reading laboratories where students can improve their reading and studying techniques with the aid of computerised reading programs.

CUT has various academic support programmes in place, with proven success for those attending regularly. Study guidance, motivation techniques and exam-writing skills are just a few of the programmes offered.

The spiritual needs of students are critical to us. Students are encouraged to participate in the services that are offered by various churches in collaboration with the Wellness Centre.

The Chaplaincy Office is vested with the Wellness Centre. The aim of this office is to give all denominations and religions the necessary information regarding campus activities for Christian and other faith groups. Students are also motivated to participate in religion-oriented activities. The Office also serves as a refuge where all staff and students can find help and support.

The main task of the social worker is to ensure the social wellbeing of students by promoting a healthy and conducive environment throughout their years of study.

Social Services can help you in the following:

  • Rape counselling
  • Poverty/financial problems
  • Pre- and post-abortion counselling
  • Bereavement
  • Community outreach projects.

All services are confidential and are available free of charge to CUT students on an appointment basis.

For appointments or inquiries contact:

Bloemfontein +27 (0)51 507 3154 | Welkom +27(0)51 910 3569.

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Campus Health Services has a professional nurse, a medical doctor and an HIV/AIDS counsellor on hand to provide medical services to staff and students.

CUT Campus health care services have your Health at heart. Our mission is to render quality, accessible, affordable and reliable health care services.

Free of Charge*
Blood-pressure screeningPregnancy tests
Blood-sugar screeningReferrals to appropriate medical services
Chronic-disease management and related referralsTB management
Emergencies and referralsTreatment of minor ailments
Family planningTreatment of STIS
Health education and adviceUrine analysis
Voluntary Confidential Counselling and Testing (VCCT), and HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT).

* The clinic services are available free of charge to registered students, staff members and official visitors -all information remains strictly confidential.

Service Provision
General healthAnte natal management(follow-up only)
Minor ailments e.g. colds, flu etcEye Screening(2x a year)
Basic health screeningMMC(Clinic future accessibility)


Monday to Friday – 08:00 to 16:30


  • In person at the Medical Centre Reception or
  • Telephonically at +27 (0)51 507 3735; +27 (0)51 507 3716.
  • In case of emergency, no appointment necessary.

FIRST AID: ER 24 service available – 24/7 at 084 124 – (051 404 6049)

 Clinic location

CUT Bloemfontein Campus: We are situated behind the Welgemoed residence, next to the pedestrian gate leading to President Brand Street.

Educational Services

  • TV Health DVD’s and CD’s
  • Pamphlets and posters
  • Health Talks
  • Awareness Campaigns

 Referral Service and Networking

  • Referral system available
  • Liaising with and referral to any relevant Resource Centre e.g. Social worker, Psychological, Hospital
  • Referral for Pap smear

 Reportable Diseases

In terms of section 45 of the Health Act (1977), certain conditions have been declared reportable. If you should happen to contract one of these specified conditions, please contact Campus Health Services without delay.


For any enquiries, please contact the Wellness Centre at 051 507 3154/5/6. All information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.


Assistance for academically excluded students

The Wellness Centre presents a program designed to help students who have been excluded academically. Learn new skills, improve your coping mechanisms and overall academic performance. 

 Topics include:

  • Adjust to University
  • Assessments
  • Learning styles, study skills
  • Coginitive life skills
  • Resilience 

Access the programme via the StuComm App or eThuto.

Virtual Orientation 2021: Bloemfontein Campus

Virtual Orientation 2021: Welkom Campus

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CUT’s Vice-Chancellor Prof. Pamela Dube receives recognition for her leadership

CUT’s Vice-Chancellor Prof. Pamela Dube receives recognition for her leadership

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TOV and SAB companies donate sanitary towels to CUT female students as part of their Women’s Month drive

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CUT collaborates with health practitioners and wellness organisations to raise awareness of the importance of practicing healthy behaviours

CUT collaborates with health practitioners and wellness organisations to raise awareness of the importance of practicing healthy behaviours

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