Doctorate : Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology



Duration of Programme

Enrolment Option(s)

SAQA Credits

NQF Level

Bloemfontein Campus

2 years (minimum - full-time); 3 years (minimum - part-time)

Semester 1 or 2



Additional Admission Requirements

The minimum admission requirement is an appropriate Master’s degree; an ideal qualification is Masters in Information Technology or in other related fields such as (1) computer science; (2) software engineering (3) information systems; and (4) telecommunications. Over and above this, the candidate must have an exceptionally good undergraduate and postgraduate study record (with an average of at least 65%) and MSc degree or its equivalent should have included a substantial research component (at least one half of the credits).

The doctorate provides training for an academic career. It requires a candidate to undertake research at the most advanced academic levels culminating in the submission, assessment and acceptance of a thesis. Further, candidates may also present peer-reviewed academic articles and papers in partial fulfilment of the research requirements. Coursework may be required as preparation or value addition to the research, but does not contribute to the credit value of the qualification. The defining characteristic of this qualification is that the candidate is required to demonstrate high level research capability and to make a significant and original academic contribution at the frontiers of Information technology. The work must be of a quality to satisfy peer review and merit publication. The degree may be earned through pure IT discipline-based or multidisciplinary research or applied research. This degree requires a minimum of two years’ full-time or a maximum of six years of full-time or part-time study, usually after completing a Master’s Degree. A graduate should be able to supervise and evaluate the research of others in the IT field.

For more information contact: Department of Information Technology

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