Masters : Master in Information Technology



Duration of Programme

Enrolment Option(s)

SAQA Credits

NQF Level

Bloemfontein Campus

1 year (minimum - full-time); 2 years (minimum - part-time)

Semester 1 or 2



Additional Admission Requirements

The minimum admission requirement is an appropriate NQF Level 8 honours degree or postgraduate diploma in Information Technology or in other related fields such as (1) computer science; (2) software engineering (3) information systems; and (4) telecommunications. Over and above this, the candidate must have an exceptionally good study record (with an average of at least 60%).  The results from the undergraduate studies should have included a research module with at least 60% score.

From the content point of view, Masters in Information technology (MIT) is a multidisciplinary; this allows for accommodation of students from: (1) computer science; (2) software engineering (3) information systems; and (4) telecommunications.  Although the main research area is Computer and Information Science; interdisciplinary areas that have a main focus in IT are also included. This MIT is research-based (no course work) and it prepares students for research (including academic), managerial and technical careers in the field of IT. As such, MIT is more inclined to serve the needs of students who either ultimately plan to continue their PhD or are simply interested in performing research the four specialisation areas mentioned above. Students complete independent research resulting in a master’s dissertation under the direction of at least one supervisor with relevant doctorate degree.

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