Doctorate : Doctor of Education



Duration of Programme

Enrolment Option(s)

SAQA Credits

NQF Level

Bloemfontein Campus, Welkom Campus

2 years full-time; 3 years part-time

Semester 1



Additional Admission Requirements

Learning assumed to be in place is the following:

  • MEd; or
  • RPL equivalent: Evidence of applied competence is to be assessed by a team of suitably qualified and experienced practitioners on the basis of, at least, a written report, which should include a portfolio to prove educational research experience at the required level, as well as an oral defence of such a report. 

Exit-level outcomes

The researcher is able to demonstrate the ability to conduct advanced research at the highest level within complex and often unpredictable contexts on particular aspects of education, culminating in a research thesis.

Admission to a doctoral degree will be subject to the approval of the Head of Department or his/her delegate.  Registration for a doctoral degree is subject to the provisions of the Student Assessment Manual.

The minimum duration of the learning programme for a doctoral degree is two consecutive years of full-time study, or three consecutive years of part-time study.  Any person enrolled as a student at CUT whilst also holding a position at a place of work in terms of the Labour Relations Act
(Act No. 66 of 1995) is considered to be a part-time student, whilst any other student is considered to be a full-time student.  The student registers annually until the Assessment and Graduations Unit confirms that the qualification has been achieved.  Notwithstanding the fact that students registering for the first time may register at any given time during the year, the registration is accepted as being effective as from January of the year in question.  A student registered for longer than the required minimum duration of study is required to pay an annual extension fee upon registration, as determined annually by CUT.

Except with the special permission of Senate, no candidate may be registered for a doctoral degree for a period exceeding five years.

A person who has registered for a doctoral degree will automatically be deregistered if the proposal and form LS 262 are not approved within six months, for full-time doctoral degree students, or nine months, for part-time doctoral degree students, respectively.

For more information contact Department of Post Graduate Studies in Education

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