The formal academic programmes offered at CUT is one part of the student experience. In order to be a well-rounded healthy individual taking part in extracurricular activities – which falls outside the normal curricula – can be of great importance to development. Getting involved is a fun way to try new things, and meet people.

What is a student organisation and what are the requirements?

All student groupings that wish to function effectively and are recognised on campus. In order to exercise the privileges accorded to the registered student groupings, such groups must register with the SRC as prescribed in the policy on the registration of student organisations, associations and societies.

 Structure of a Student organisation

Staff Advisors / Patrons: An advisor is a person who offers advice, counsel, caution and information, with this person having actual or supposed knowledge, experience and resources available to those he/she advises. Each organisation must report to its advisor.

Composition and Authority of Organisations: In an organisation, active membership is limited to students registered at CUT. All student groupings must follow the registration procedure stated in the applicable registration policy. The organisation may not suggest that it is acting with the authority of, or as an agent of CUT.

Eligibility of Students: The committee of each student organisation may issue its own constitution that will also be approved by Student Affairs. In this constitution, provision is made for regulations governing the eligibility of students to participate in this specific group’s organised activities.

Disciplinary Action: Any student organisation is subject to disciplinary action when it is found guilty of furnishing false information, when it is found guilty of violating an ordinance or written policy or regulation, or when it is found guilty of the misuse or illegal use of any CUT property.

 Current Organisations


The focus of these organisations is on socio-academic aspects in respect of students, within specific fields of study. Some organisations are deeply involved in community service as part of the service learning programme.

BELEZAEDASO, Hotel School Association
CUT Marketing AssociationTourism Student Committee
CUTESASports Administration and Marketing Committee
Internal Auditing AssociationHuman Resources Society
LAPALibrary Association
PUMAS(Public Management Ass)IT Organisation
CUT Engineering StudentsOMATA (Office Management Technology)
SIFE  (Students in Free Enterprise)NSB (National Society of Black Engineers)
CUT SCINFO Outreach Club


These organisations have been affiliated to be more politically active on campus and to enhance political and ideological diversity.



 CUT residence church

Established to create an environment where all registered campus and city residence students can bridge social, cultural, spiritual and academic divides, complemented by an environment where students can maximise their God-given talents and gifts. Meet with other students every Sunday and join in the Christian worship.

 Student Christian Organisation (SCO)

Do you believe in Christian values, moral standards and a spiritually fulfilling lifestyle? Then join the SCO on campus today. All students from all denominations are welcome. This is a multi-denominational structure.

 Other organisations

Association of Catholic Tertiary Students (ACTS)
Seventh Day Adventist Student Movement
Twelve Apostles Students’ Association (TASA)
St Angenas Zion Christian Church
Zion Christian Church Student Fellowship
Jesus Dominan International
Bhakti Yoga Society


People of all ages and from all walks of life study and participate in the strategic game of chess. So to strengthen your character, improve your thinking processes and pass an enjoyable hour or two, join CUT’s Chess Club.


With many local and national awards, our choir offers its members more than just the sharing and enjoyment of great voices and music.

 Gospel Mass Choir

This choir has been established to share spiritual fellowship of gospel music among themselves and with the university as well as the community.

 Debate/Public speaking

CUT’s Debating Society has recently joined other tertiary institutions in the British parliamentary style of debating. It will teach you to think on your feet, to argue logically, and to speak confidently in front of an audience.


Your acting and choreographic talent can be developed to the full by joining by CUT Drama Society.

 Dance Factory Association

This group of students promotes different codes of dance on campus, which includes hip-hop, pantsula dance, acrobatic dance, and local dances.

Dance Club

Join the sport that is one of the fastest growing and which has received Olympic recognition. Ballroom dancing is one of the best and most enjoyable ways to exercise and socialise. Do it the traditional ballroom or the Latin-American way.

 Poetry Association

 BMF (Black Management Forum)

The BMF Student Chapter is continually modelling itself as an ideal home for young aspirant business managers and leaders who genuinely engage in socio-economic issues challenging South African youth. It is a non-racial organisation that welcomes all interested parties, even though their primary target is black students at higher learning institutions in South Africa. Their programmes include campus work, community outreach, and corporate, public and international work. For more information visit their website:

 Lenaka Media Club

Established to further the social, cultural and sporting interests of CUT students and to market and uphold the good name of the university.

 Mountain Club

Wall-climbing is a very popular activity amongst the students on campus. The aim is to further the interests of all facets of mountaineering. Join us on Facebook

 Recreational Sport

Do you have enough “drop-in time” and are you interested in activities in which you can have fun and enjoy yourself without serious competition? The following facilities are available: Beach volleyball, a climbing-wall, a soccer field and a netball field. Everyone is welcome!

 SPECULUM (Student newspaper)

Speculum was established by students in 1996. Today the editorial staff strives to make a contribution to the campus life of CUT and to keep students informed regarding campus events. The editorial office is situated at the Lapeng Student Centre. You are welcome to visit the office or to pass on any information to the newspaper via mailboxes are available on campus in which letters or information can be deposited. Speculum constantly strives to remain objective, fearless and responsible at all times.

 Wellness Workers

The aim of this club is to talk to students who are experiencing broad social problems and to try to encourage a positive attitude towards themselves and others. This group joins forces with, and refers students to, the Centre for Counselling.

 Lesotho Student Association (LESA)

This student organisation covers broad issues affecting students from Lesotho who are registered at CUT.

Botswana Student Association (BOSA)

This group has been established to create a student-friendly learning environment for students from Botswana, in conjunction with academic, social, cultural and financial issues.

Mpumalanga Education Student Association (MESA)

The SRC and all registered students endorse the principles of the freedom of individuals, as contained in the constitution and other legislation of the Republic of South Africa.

Notwithstanding the right of each person to participate in gatherings, to argue/contend and submit petitions together with others, peacefully and unarmed, persons who are guilty of improper conduct on CUT property expose themselves to disciplinary action.

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