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Confirmation of Interim CUT SRC Structure

Kindly be informed that as per the provisions of the approved 2019 Terms of Reference of CUT Student Representative Council (Section 17) the term of office of the SRC ended on, Monday, 31 August 2020.

However, in order to ensure that there is smooth running of student affairs, effective student governance and needed continuity, the CUT management has carefully considered the matter and in line with Section 17 opted that the current SRC in its entirety, at both the Welkom and Bloemfontein Campuses, serve as an Interim SRC structure concurrent with the extended university academic calendar with effect from 01 September 2020 until the end of February 2021. This interim structure will have full powers concomitant with SRC as prescribed in the ToR of CUT SRC.

The process was after consultation with the current 2019/2020 Student Representative Council (SRC), Student Services Council (SSC) and Mancom.

The university hopes that you will continue to give the Interim SRC structure the necessary support and that in turn, the student leaders will continue to serve you with the same zeal which they have individually and collectively displayed thus far.

Issued on behalf of Deputy Registrar: Student Services
Dr Paks Tondi

Terms of Reference: SRC

Here-below is Section 17 of August 2019 approved Terms of Reference by Council which outlines how the end of the term of office of the SRC may be handled,

17.1 the SRC shall be dissolved if:

17.1.1 Council dissolves the SRC;

17.1.2 The SRC elections do not, for whatever reason not held and term of outgoing SRC has elapsed; and

17.1.3 Through a motion of no confidence taken at a mass meeting.

17.2 In the event of a dissolution an interim SRC structure must be appointed by the Deputy Registrar: Student Services in consultation with the Manager: Governance and Student Life: Bloemfontein with regard to the Bloemfontein Campus and in consultation with the Deputy Director: Welkom Campus with regard to the Welkom Campus.

17.3 The process contemplated in paragraph 17.2 must be completed in consultation with the offices of the Registrar and the Vice-Chancellor.

Download the Terms of Reference of the SRC (PDF)

Uploaded: 01 September 2020
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