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As a service department, the Department of Educational & Professional Studies caters for all six undergraduate Teacher Education programmes with school-based subjects which are aimed at developing students with in-depth skills and hands-on experience, while preparing them for their teaching profession. 

The following service subjects are offered by the department:  

  • Micro-teaching and Observation; 
  • Education (Learner and Learning); 
  • Education (Media in Teaching & Learning); 
  • Education (Working in Classrooms); 
  • Education (Curriculum Studies); 
  • Education (Being a Teacher); 
  • Education (Learner-centred Schools); 
  • General Subject Methodology and 
  • School-based Learning.

The Department of Educational and Professional Studies has recently introduced the Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching (BEDFPT) degree that will be offered within the duration of four years.  The programme will be offered in both the Bloemfontein and Welkom campuses.