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Doctor Nothemba (Pinky) Mrwetyana

Dr Nothemba (Pinky) Mrwetyana has 32 years’ experience in Higher Education in South Africa, of which she served two 5-year periods as Registrar at the University of Fort Hare. She assumed duties as the Registrar of the Central University of Technology, Free Sate (CUT) on 01 September 2013.

She holds a BA (History and Anthropology majors); UED (English and History Methods); BEd; and MEd (Instructional Technology) from the University of Fort Hare; an MEd (Curriculum Studies: History) from Rhodes University; and a PhD (Technology in Education) from the University of Natal. She is currently completing modules towards the Master’s Degree in Business Leadership at the University of South Africa (UNISA).

Over the years, she has served on several bodies, including the National Registrar’s Forum, of which she is currently a member.

She has won several awards, including a grant by the Association of Commonwealth Universities to participate in seminars for African university leaders on “Leadership and Strategic Change in Higher Education”; the Bram Fischer Oxford South Africa Award; a grant by DEVTECH for the Tertiary Linkages Project; and the SABUFSEP Fellowship by the African American Institute in New York.

Dr Mrwetyana has served as external examiner for the examination of three MEd dissertations. Her own research included “The Application of the Principles of Instructional Technology in Ciskean Secondary Schools, with Special Reference to some Teaching Aids of the First Generation”; “Group Work in Black History Classes” and “The Preparation of Pre-Service Teachers in Colleges of Education in the former Ciskei, with Special Reference to Technology in Education”.

She is trained for participating in Quality Audits, and has participated in an internal audit at TUT. She was the co-author of two books, “Enjoying History Std 2” and “Enjoying History Std 4”.

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Executive Secretary to the Registrar
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