Masters : Construction



Duration of Programme

Enrolment Option(s)

SAQA Credits

NQF Level

Bloemfontein Campus

1 year full-time (minimum) or 2 years part-time (minimum)

Semester 1



Additional Admission Requirements

A four-year undergraduate degree in a relevant built environment field or related area is required for this qualification. The minimum entry requirement is thus an appropriate four-year undergraduate degree or postgraduate diploma, or bachelor’s (honours) degree at NQF level 8, with sufficient exposure to construction as the principal focus. Candidates must demonstrate mastery of the necessary information-gathering, analytical and presentational skills required at Exit Level 8 on the NQF equivalent and must display the capacity for independent research. Appropriate four-year undergraduate degree or postgraduate diploma or bachelor’s (honours) must include a research component, or a combination of qualifications considered equivalent. The prospective candidates should submit a preliminary research proposal as part of the application.

Career Opportunities

The Master’s degree is a research-based post-graduate qualification at NQF Level 9 aiming towards the development of a candidate’s ability to conduct independent scientific and technological investigations as well as to interpret the results, which would lead to problem-solving capabilities in practice.  The programme also prepares candidates for research careers in specialisation fields of Built Environment.


  • The total credit value of the dissertation must add up to 204 SAQA credits.
  • The minimum credit required is 180 SAQA credits.
  • Only one intake per year, in January, with registrations possible until 31 August.  
  • After completing this qualification, a Master’s degree will be awarded during an official graduation ceremony of CUT.

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