The objective of the app

This app is a Demo version of a contact trace app that ensures safe entry into selected public venues, as well as workplaces, enabled by a digital screening check-in system where users are required to complete COVID-19 screening questions. The rationale is to avoid sharing pens and screens whilst allowing users to sign themselves in using their own mobile devices.

How the app functions

The app logs the user's mobile number and the completed COVID-19 questions to help with the identification of individuals with COVID-19 related symptoms. The app subsequently generates a QR code for the individual which is displayed on their device. Upon the scanning of QR code at the main entrance to a workplace, the individual's response to the COVID-19 screening questionnaire will be stored on a central database which will inform that the individual does not have any symptoms of the ailment. Consequently, the individual staff or student will be granted entry into the premises. 

Collection, use of personal information and disclosure


During this process, only personal information that is specifically authorised at law will be collected.  Such collection and storage of the user's personal information by the institution are necessary for the provision of the service associated with this app.

Use of personal information

Personal information collected during this process may only be used for the purpose it has been collected for, unless another use is specifically authorised by law.


Personal information may only be shared in the stance were there is legal authority to do so, or where the disclosure is for the purpose of providing the user with a program or service.


When a government agency collects personal information in connection with providing a program or services, they provide the user with a notice that explains (at minimum) the:

  • The legal authority for the collection.
  • Contact information of the person who can answer your questions about the collection, use and disclosure of such information.

A notice may include more information than what is set out above.


What kind of information is collected?

The information collected when a person is registered on the app is personal information such as the name, phone number, and residence. Additionally, persons are allowed to complete questions related to the COVID-19, which are also collected. The information is analysed for operational trends and ways to improve on the app.

As the general practice, no attempt was made to link the information collected with a person's identity.

Steps to protect your mobile activities

Users are encouraged to learn about protecting their own mobile devices to ensure that their app and activities remain private.

Uploaded: 04 August 2020
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