Central University of Technology (CUT) Family Week: Nurturing Sustainable Global Partnerships for Academic Success

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Central University of Technology (CUT) Family Week: Nurturing Sustainable Global Partnerships for Academic Success

The recent CUT "Family Week" event, centered around the theme of "Resilient Partnerships by Promoting Sustainability and Longevity," marked a pivotal moment for CUT. With a focus on internationalisation objectives, the program brought together experts and professionals to delve into the significance of sustainable partnerships in the realm of global education and research collaboration.

Fostering Resilient Partnerships

The event featured an array of sessions aimed at exploring and enhancing various aspects of partnerships. Notable speakers, including Dr. Nico Jooste –Senior Director: African Centre for Higher Education Internalisation, Ms. Philina Witke –Director: Expert for Cooperation and Third-Party Funding for the Region of SSA, Prof. David Norris – Vice Chancellor and Principal: University of Botswana (UB), and Prof Lategan Laetus –Research Professor: Research Education Postgraduate Development, Office of DVC: RIE, engaged in a reflection dialogue through a colloquium-style discussion, offering valuable insights into current partnership activities and plans.

Objectives and Highlights

The objectives of the Family Week were diverse, ranging from exploring creative partnerships to evaluating current activities and promoting comprehensive internationalisation. Noteworthy sessions, such as Sustainable Partnership Development Overview, Tailoring Approaches for Optimal Partnership Efficiency, and Qualitative vs. Quantitative Partnering, provided a rich tapestry of ideas and strategies.

Key Sessions

Sustainable Partnership Development Overview: Ms Helin Bàckman Kartal – SASUF Project Coordinator: Uppsala University, Sweden emphasized the crucial role of trust and communication in partnerships, showcasing the collaboration between Uppsala University and CUT. The focus on equal partnership and mutual benefit underlines the commitment to international credit mobility.

Tailoring Approaches for Optimal Partnership Efficiency: Speakers, Ms. Moss Martina –Deputy Director: Academic students & Staff Mobility and Dr. Brenton Fredricks – HOD: Communication Sciences, highlighted the importance of balancing tailored approaches for cost-effective partnerships. They discussed the varied benefits, from academic and cultural enrichment to enhanced reputation.

Qualitative vs. Quantitative Partnering: Prof. Walter Commerell: Managing Director of the International Energy Competence Center Member, ULM University Germany delved into the qualitative foundations of equitable partnerships, emphasising sustainable relationships, while Prof. Vermaak Herman and Mr. Leolyn Jackson: Director, Centre for Global Engagement, elaborated on key factors contributing to equitable partnerships at CUT.

Internationalisation of Research Approaches: Sessions led by Ms. Edith Sempe – Director: Research Development Support, Prof. Malebo Ntsoaki – Senior Director: Innovation in Learning & Teaching, Prof. Ochieng Aoyi – Director: Research Development & Innovation, Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST), and Dr. Mataba Tapela – Executive Director: Natural Resources & Materials, Botswana Institute for Technology Research Innovation(BITRI) explored strategies for cultivating active research collaboration and the impact of internationalization on collaborative research.

Conclusion and Recommendations

The CUT "Family Week" provided valuable insights into building and sustaining equitable partnerships, addressing challenges, and fostering collaboration. The event concluded with key recommendations:

  1. Encourage continued dialogue and collaboration among institutions to strengthen global partnerships.
  2. Promote the sharing of best practices in building sustainable relationships for long-term success.
  3. Foster a culture of openness, transparency, and equal participation in international collaborations.
  4. Implement Communities of Practice (CoPs) identified projects.

In essence, the event has laid a foundation for ongoing dialogue on the importance of sustainable partnerships in achieving common goals within the global academic community. The shared experiences and strategies presented by the speakers contribute to the collective journey towards a more interconnected and collaborative future.

Uploaded: 21 March 2024
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