Up to now, your job applications included a CV that you mailed or faxed to potential employers. Today, you are “Googled”, and your online CV is a collection of “search engine results”. LinkedIn is an international networking site used by individual professionals and companies for networking, job searching, recruiting, hiring, company research and connecting with affiliates. Your LinkedIn profile is your career future. It is who you are, how you help people, and why you deserve to be noticed. LinkedIn encourages users to provide a highly professional look to their CV/profile, while Facebook is suitable for personal networking.

Getting started on LinkedIn is quick and easy. All you need to do, is sign up and create a LinkedIn profile. It is important to take the time to build your LinkedIn profile, as it is your digital introduction and first impression with your reader. The more complete your profile, the more chances you will have to be found and contacted. Use your LinkedIn profile like a CV, and provide prospective employers with detailed information on your skills and experience.

How to get started?

Add a high-quality, recent profile picture (head and shoulders) of yourself. It is important to appear professional.

The headline gives you a professional “identity”. Your LinkedIn headline should grab the reader’s attention and compel them to read more.

Your LinkedIn summary should be engaging and impressive to your reader. Bring out you personality, demonstrate that you are an expert, sell yourself and showcase your accomplishments.

Use keywords in your headline, summary and throughout your entire profile. The keywords could consist of your main passion or profession, and will help your LinkedIn profile turn up more often on search engine results.

The more connections you have, the better your chances are to be offered a job opportunity. When you are applying for jobs, be sure to use the connections you have.

Invite your connections by e-mail to connect on LinkedIn. Only invite people you know well and who know you. Add your LinkedIn profile link to your work signature, and get connected with clients or people with whom you work.

Tell your readers how to reach you, and include your contact information.

LinkedIn is a place for group members to share and participate in a professional setting in a specific industry or area of interest, such as research.

Other LinkedIn tips:

1. Your name should only contain your name.

2. Social proof is important online. If you have at least 500 connections, it leads to credibility and authority on the web.

3. Customise your website names to attract your target market.

4. Customise your profile URL.

5. Update your status regularly to add value to your network.

6. Write in the first person.

7. Speak directly to your target market so they can self-identify.

8. Many people prefer to watch rather than read; so, add a video.

9. Make sure you have at least 10 recommendations.

10. Add any volunteer experience you may have, including causes you support.

11. Add any significant media awards, recognition and achievements to enhance credibility in the “Honors & Awards” section.

12. Join 50 groups.

13. Connect LinkedIn with your Twitter account, and display only certain Tweets with your connections on LinkedIn.



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Uploaded: 13 March 2020
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