The University is eager to grow its research capacity, relevance and competitiveness with the support of postdoctoral fellows. Postdoctoral fellows are globally regarded as emerging researchers who are growing their research expertise and competencies to become researchers in own right. This is accomplished through doing research, publishing research results in accredited research publications, acting as supervisor for postgraduate students and developing their research programmes into an externally funded research niche area.

About the postdoctoral fellowship at the CUT

  • A postdoctoral fellow is funded through a bursary or a grant.
  • Postdoctoral fellowships are researching within recognised research activities of Research Centres.
  • A postdoctoral fellow from an international university can hold the fellowship between three-twelve months in a twelve-month cycle.
  • A postdoctoral fellow will be mentored by an established researcher who has successfully completed research projects, published research articles, supervised doctoral students and who is the holder of competitive research funds.

Track 1 and 2

Track 1: Full-time postdoctoral fellows are funded through a recognised bursary or grant for a maximum of three-years (3 x twelve-month cycles).

Track 2: Students who completed a Doctoral Degree at CUT but who are employed full-time outside CUT can apply for a part-time postdoctoral fellowship to continue with their research.

CUT employees who completed their doctorates within n-3 can be accommodated in the emerging researcher's programme.

Information regarding the general conditions for applications and the renewal of a postdoctoral fellowship is stated in the Policy on Regulation and Recruitment and Awarding of Grants (which is available on request).

Relevant documents

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