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Nominations and elections for the CUT 2022/2023 Student Representative Council (SRC)

The Central University of Technology will be undertaking the 2022/2023 Student Representative Council nominations and elections.

The following information will guide the two processes respectively.


The first step is the nomination of candidates who are eligible to participate in the SRC elections.

To improve the process and allow students to conveniently participate in the SRC process, the decision was taken to conduct nominations online. This alleviates the printing of forms, and long queues to submit.

What should I do to participate?

  1. Read the eligibility and election of SRC members extract from the SRC Terms of Reference below.
  2. Once you are well-versed and sure your candidate is eligible, complete the online form. The form itself will also guide completing it successfully:

Bloemfontein Campus nominations form 

Welkom Campus nominations form

Nominations opening and closing dates

Opens: Tuesday, 13 September 2022 at 10:00

Closes: Tuesday, 27 September 2022 at 10:00

Eligibility and election of SRC members (extract from the SRC Terms of Reference)

7.1. To be eligible for nomination as a candidate for the SRC, the candidate must:

7.1.1. identify and associate himself/herself with the mission and vision of CUT;

7.1.2. be a full-time registered student at CUT;

7.1.3. not have been previously found guilty and convicted of an offence by CUT or a court of law;

7.1.4. not have been found guilty of a misconduct by CUT or any higher education institution;

7.1.5. have been a student for a minimum of 3 (THREE) semesters;

7.1.6. have passed at least 60% (SIXTY PERCENT) of his/her registered credit-bearing subjects (including non-diploma/degree purpose modules) in the previous year (in the case of year-course students) or semester (in the case of semester students) at CUT, and, once elected, such a member will have to maintain the 60% (SIXTY PERCENT) pass rate for all such subjects (and non-diploma/degree purpose modules) registered for the exam period ending in the academic year following elections, and such standard should be maintained for the duration of his/her term in office;

7.1.7. not be undergoing any practical training exceeding 1 (ONE) calendar month for any part of the period referred to in terms of paragraph 7.1.2; and

7.1.8. SRC members who meet the eligibility requirement may be re-elected, and may serve for a maximum of 2 (TWO) terms.

7.2. In addition to Paragraph 7.1 the following additional provisions apply to the portfolio of the Sabbatical/Secretary General:

7.2.1. The candidate must be in possession of any postgraduate qualification when he or she assumes office in January of the applicable year.

7.2.2. The term of office of the Sabbatical/Secretary-General shall extend from January to December of the applicable year.

7.2.3. The Sabbatical/Secretary-General of the SRC shall suspend his/her studies for the duration of the year in question to occupy the office full time except where the Sabbatical/Secretary-General is studying a Master's level course in which case he/she may resume his/her studies.


The full details of the elections will be shared closer to the dates.

18 - 20 October 2022

Time open: 08:30 (18 October 2022)

Closing time: 21:00 (20 October 2022)

Uploaded: 15 September 2022
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