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Information on this page is relevant to first-year, new, senior and international students during enrolment/registration.

Important Notifications

  1. Late applications for 2018 have closed on 30 September 2017.
  2. First-time applications to NSFAS – apply before 30 November 2017
  3. New! Financial registration guideline 2018 (PDF)
  4. Financial registration guideline for International students 2018 (PDF)
  5. New! Changes to DHET funding for poor and working class students in public higher education institutions (PDF)

Find what you need:

1. Registration dates

2. Check list – what documents need to be in order

3. CUT Selection Test

4. National Benchmark Test (NBT) (compulsory for all first-years)

5. Minimum Fees payable to register (3 days before you register).

6. New!Financial Guidelines (SA citizens and International students)

7. Enrolment/Registration Guide – 2018 (download full PDF Guide)

8. Online Registration

Follow CUT’s official Facebook and/or Twitter pages, we will share critical information on the channels before and during registration.

Important to Note:

  1. Class Attendance is compulsory
  2. The medium of instruction is English
  3. Academic Calendar 2018 | Year programme with important dates
  4. Calendar 2018Students are subject to the rules, regulations, policies and procedures of the Central University of Technology, Free State.


Check list

Bring the following documentation with you for enrolment/registration.

Acceptance letter from CUT (if you have checked the system and you are there or received SMS, physical letter not necessary)
Matric Certificate Certified copy
Statement of Results Certified copy
Identity Document (ID) Certified copy
Proof of payment
Letter of Bursary/Sponsorship If applicableNSFAS Applicants – First-year/new students: print copy of NSFAS confirmation e-mail (not SMS)


Tuition Fees Payable

South African students: Financial registration guideline 2018 (PDF), 12 January 2018

International students: Financial registration guideline 2018 (PDF)

Minimum Fee Payable

A range of minimum initial payments has been determined. As noted above, a means test will be used to establish what minimum initial payment level students that ‘claim’ inability to pay the Council approved minimum initial payment of R 6,660. Below are the tables with the levels for the different student categories.

Self- Funded Deposit Levels: 2018 (Excluding NSFAS-funded students)

Levels Income Range Minimum Initial Payment
 No.  Start  End
( R ) ( R ) ( R )
1 0 122 000 0
2 120 001 200 000 1 620
3 200 001 300 000 3 240
4 300 001 400 000 4 320
5 400 001 600 000 5 400
6 600 001 and above 6 660

Please note: Any student that has not met the 50% NSFAS Academic progression requirement now becomes a self – funded student and thus the table above becomes applicable.

NSFAS Deposit Levels: 2018 – First Time Entrants (FTEN)

Levels Income Range Minimum Initial Payment
 No.  Start  End
( R ) ( R ) ( R )
1 0 350 000 0

NSFAS Deposit Levels: 2018 – Returning Students

Levels Income Range Minimum Initial Payment
 No.  Start  End
( R ) ( R ) ( R )
1 0 122 000  0

All students that qualify for NSFAS funding according to the initial assessment by the University at the time of registration will be allowed to register without paying any fee as per the DHET guidelines.

Department of Higher Education and Training

Changes to DHET funding for poor and working class students in public higher education institutions (PDF), 12 January 2018.



Bloemfontein Campus Enrolment/Registration Guide – 2018 | Dates, what, where, when, fees – to assist with enrolment/registration process.

Senior Students

Do you know what you have to enrol for? Why stand in long queues when you can register off-campus and online! Online Registration

Quick Reference: Steps to follow in completing the online registration processes:

  • Make your way to any computer lab in the Student Academic Support Centre Bloemfontein campus to register online on campus.
  • Alternatively, you may utilise your own resources (computer and internet) to register online off-campus.

First-years can also use online registration if you are sure you have it all in place.

Download the full guide above for all the information you need.

Generic Pin code: For all new students is 10101 please remember to change your pin after registration.

Collect your student card, internet access form and/or parking disc (if applicable) in the Artec Hall (Bloemfontein Campus), Student Academic Support Centre (Welkom Campus) – bring your proof of registration.

Registration dates


Check the Frequently Asked Questions page. If your question is still not answered, contact Enrolment Services


Updated: 15 January 2018

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