The Journal for New Generation Sciences (JNGS) is a DHET-accredited publication, published biannually by CUT, Research and Development.

JNGS 2017 Vol. 15 No. 1

This edition publishes 24 articles from 42 scholars from 15 public universities. The articles are reflective of the focus of the JNGS and will certainly enhance our knowledge basis. In addition, it will also strengthen our capacity to engage with business, industry and society on the basis of the outcome of the research results.

In this edition, 11 papers are dedicated to  “community engaged learning.” These articles will promote our learning and teaching practices immensely. May I express my sincere gratitude towards Dr Sharli Anne Paphitis and Mrs Kim Weaver from Rhodes University who acted as guest editors for the collection of these papers? I am grateful for the scholarly and professional manner in which this process was supervised, mentored, managed and finalised.

Prof. Laetus O.K. Lategan
Editor: Journal for New Generation Sciences

Access to JNGS: Journal for New Generation Sciences via Sabinet Online (you will be taken to an external link).

A DHET-accredited publication exclusively by CUT: Journal for New Generation Sciences (JNGS)

A DHET-accredited publication exclusively by CUT: Journal for New Generation Sciences (JNGS)

The JNGS is a CUT product; some facts about the publication:

Papers in the technological sciences are reviewed and published in its July and December editions.

The JNGS is an accredited research publication where scholars, internal and external to the institution, may publish. It accommodates national and international publications and showcases the university’s commitment to applied research.

The JNGS focuses on papers which reflect the scientific results of:

  • Science, Engineering and Technology (SET), and the management of SET research;
  • applied research informed by industry/business problems;
  • partnerships with industry/business/government (triple helix);
  • knowledge production in the context of Mode 2 knowledge generation;
  • scholarship in teaching and research;
  • research projects leading to SET qualifications;
  • income generation through research; and
  • entrepreneurship through innovation.

The JNGS follows the Frascati research classification of basic and applied research.  In terms of this, the definitions are as follows:

  • Basic research:  original investigation with the primary aim of developing more complete knowledge or understanding of the subject under study.
  • Applied research:  original investigation undertaken in order to acquire new knowledge and directed primarily toward specific practical aims or objectives.

All papers are peer-reviewed by at least two experts.  An editorial review also secures the quality of the paper. The JNGS supports both high quality scholarly work of established researchers, and capacity building amongst new researchers.

On a national policy level, the JNGS supports the National Plan on Higher Education, Outcome 13:  Research concentration and funding linked to research outputs.

Interested in publishing in the Journal?


Contact and/or submit papers to the Editor

Prof. Laetus O.K. Lategan, PhD; DTh

Tel: +27 51 507 3336  |  Fax: +27 51 507 3275 |



Updated: 12 February 2018

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