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Tabalaza and IdeaGym: Business and Idea Challenges on 1 & 2 March 2018.


CUT: turning job seekers into job creators

Education in innovation and entrepreneurship has become part of Universities of Technologies (UoTs) with the aim of turning more graduates from job seekers into job creators.

The Idea Generator was officially launched on 31 March 2017, with the intention of introducing a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among the CUT community.


The Idea Generator offers a developmental hub where students, staff as well as the public, with the assistance of experts and lecturers develop their innovative ideas, projects and products into products that can be commercialised.

Innovative Ideas are the pipeline to CUT units such as PDTSCRPM, RGEMS and the Technology Transfer Office, who are leaders in prototyping, research and business development.


  • One-on-one consultations with the Idea Generator Manager
  • Presentations from industry professionals
  • Demonstrations of new technologies
  • Assistance on the pitching process to possible funders or to take part in competitions
  • Proposal writing for funding applications

Activities at the IdeaGym

  • Product creation seminars
  • Developing entrepreneurial skills via a CUT Management Sciences Department developed game
  • Lean Iterator sessions to take an idea/project to a business
  • Art exhibitions
  • Ping pong Idea Challenges
  • Problem-solving challenges
  • “Men in Business” / “Women in business” Events

A bi-annual Innovation and Entrepreneurship competition being hosted by the IdeaGym where entrants have the opportunity to present inventions and ideas to a panel of experts. These ideas are channelled through the IdeaGym and other support or academic units at the CUT if possible.

TheIdeaGym supports Research Unit for Evolvable and Manumation Systems (RGEMS) in their Sasol Solar Challenge

Where are we located?

The Idea Generator is situated at the IdeaGYM on the CUT Bloemfontein campus (Park Road Entrance), Google Maps.

This is an ideal place to exercise your mind and imagination.  A wide variety of services and activities to assist innovators and entrepreneurs are offered.

 IdeaGym Google Map

Contact us

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Created: 23 February 2018

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