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Financial Assistance

BURSARIES: A bursary is a form of financial assistance given to a student for further study or training. Bursaries may differ in terms of amount of money and duration. Students are selected according to various criteria set by donors, which could include academic merit and financial need. Some bursaries require that students sign a contract to enter the employment of the donor after graduation. SCHOLARSHIPS: The scholarship amount is normally based on outstanding academic achievement. Scholarships do not normally require the recipient to repay the scholarship and usually, have no employment conditions attached. STUDY LOANS: A loan is money borrowed, which must be repaid upon completion of studies. Loans are available from banks and institutions like Edu-loan. The NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) is a South African Government-funded structure offering assistance to academically deserving and financially needy students. Students may apply for this type of loan at the Financial Aid offices of CUT. Up to 40% of this type of loan can be converted into a bursary, depending on the end-of-year results.

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Tips: How to apply for a Bursary/Scholarship

  • Read the Bursary Brochure and find the bursaries that suit your needs.
  • Check the closing dates for applications.
  • Apply directly to the person/company specified.
  • Apply for more than one bursary and make sure that you meet the requirements.
  • Explore other ways of financing your studies in the event of the bursary application being unsuccessful.

Find Bursaries in South Africa (portals)

Specific bursaries at CUT


Such bursaries are for candidates who are pursuing further studies for the first time after Grade 12 and who are enrolled as full-time students for a diploma or degree course at CUT.  The amount allocated is calculated on the basis of the six highest symbols achieved by the candidate in the final Grade 12 examination.  The criteria and amounts of these awards are reviewed on an annual basis.


These bursaries are additional to the normal academic bursaries.  First-year students who qualify will automatically be considered for such a bursary. The following categories are available:


Each A symbol on HG – R1 000.00 Each A symbol on SG – R600.00


A bursary of R1 000.00 will be awarded to a student who achieved an A symbol (HG or SG) in the final Grade 12 examination and who is enrolled for a course in Engineering or Health and Environmental Sciences.


Top-ten bursaries (awarded to the ten best first-year entrants).  To be considered for such a bursary, a minimum of 42 points on the CUT scoring scale, calculated on the basis of the candidate’s six best subjects, is required.


At least 27 points on the CUT scoring scale in the final Grade 12 examination is an additional requirement. The following applicants may qualify for such bursaries:

  • Head boy / girl of a high school
  • Chairperson of the representative council of learners of a high school
  • Deputy head boy / girl of a high school
  • Vice-chairperson of the representative council of learners of a high school
  • Head boy / girl of a high-school hostel
  • Winner of a national subject Olympiad
  • Winner of a national expo
  • Member of the “Presidentverkenners” or Springbok Scouts


Sport bursaries are awarded to promising sportsmen and sportswomen according to merit.  Such bursaries are only awarded to individuals who participate in a league sport in the name of CUT (refer to the list of sports along with the names of the sport managers). Only achievements at the provincial level and higher are taken into account.  Application forms are available from Operational Sport and the closing date is 31 October each year.  Development bursaries are also available, and a maximum of three candidates may be nominated by the respective sports trainers / club managers. Please note:  Candidates must apply on an annual basis. For more information on sport recruitment bursaries (first-year students only) and sport bursaries (all students), please contact Operational Sport.


For more information on the Deans’ Awards Incentive Vouchers available to first-year students, please contact the Dean of the relevant academic faculty. In cases where a bursary covering the full tuition and/or accommodation fees has already been granted to a prospective student, the letter in which notification to that effect is provided must be included in the registration document. Notwithstanding any other terms, no student shall be exempted from accountability for the payment of any amounts owing to CUT.


This is a merit bursary awarded by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) to deserving Teacher Education students registered for the following BEd (FET) Specialisation programmes:

  • BEd Languages, majoring in African Languages, namely Setswana, Sesotho and Xhosa, with English as a compulsory major;
  • BEd Natural Sciences;
  • BEd Computer Science, majoring in Computer Studies (IT) and Computer Applications Technology;
  • BEd Technology, majoring in Technology (Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Technology), Accounting, Economics
  • PGCE;
  • BSc, BCom, BA, BTech

Students are expected to apply online at the DHET website. The bursary is presently worth R48 000.00 per annum, and allocations are subject to the availability of funds. http://www.funzalushaka.doe.gov.za/


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Loans (Financial Aid)

Clarification of declaration on NSFAS related matters

  1. 2018: First-time applications to NSFAS – apply before 30 November 2017.
  2. 31 January 2017: Department of Higher Education and Training(DHET) and NSFAS meet with University SRCs (PDF)
  3. 07 February 2017: DHET and NSFAS meet with University SRCs (PDF)
DHET grant to cover the 8% fee increment

Students who have applied for the DHET grant to cover the 8% fee increment and were not successful have the option to appeal by completing the form.


NSFAS Application Process

On 01 August 2016 The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) will switch to an online administered system.

What does this mean for prospective students?

  1. CUT will not accept applications on www.cut.ac.za or on Bloemfontein and Welkom campuses.
  2. Students who have never received NSFAS funding must apply online.
  3. All new applications (matriculants) must be submitted directly to NSFAS online.

What does this mean for current students?

  1. CUT will not administer the NSFAS financial aid scheme on campuses.
  2. All students who have signed their Loan Agreement Forms (LAF) or Schedule of Particulars (SOP) for 2016 and are currently receiving NSFAS funding must update their information online and confirm that they are on the system.
  3. Log onto www.nsfas.org.za and create the MyNSFAS account to verify your details.

What does the mean for students who were previously funded but not in 2016?

All students who were previously funded by NSFAS and are not funded in 2016 must apply online.

Already submitted NSFAS Application Form to a University or TVET college?

  1. Matriculants who have already submitted their NSFAS applications before 01 August 2016 to any university or TVET college must not reapply. The institution will send your application directly to NSFAS Head Office.
  2. Log onto www.nsfas.org.za and create the MyNSFAS account to verify your details.

Funding will be granted provided the funded student meets the NSFAS academic requirements

Opening and Closing dates

Grade 12 and past matriculants 01 August – 30 November
  • Currently funded students
  • Students who were not previously funded or not funded in 2016
01 September – 30 November


From Monday, 01 August 2016, all paper applications forms can be sent to NSFAS Head Office in Cape Town

Application Forms

Apply online: www.nsfas.org.za | E-mail: apply@nsfas.org.za | Fax: 086 644 2822

Postal: The 2017 Online Applications, NSFAS Loans & Bursaries Department, Private Bag X4, Plumstead, 7801


For further details, applicants can contact NSFAS Offices, tel: 0860 067 327 (sharecall) | www.nsfas.org.za


For more information on EDULOAN, visit http://www.eduloan.co.za. On campus assistance Lapeng Student Centre, tel: +27(0)51 4476210 Customer care: 0860 5555 44


The issue of the ‘missing middle’ funding continues to be a challenge. In his communique dated 13 January 2016, the Director General: Higher Education and Training, Mr. G Qonde, indicated that one if the outcomes of the ‘Presidential Task Team on short-term student funding challenges at universities’ was the process to develop a new model which will be put in place immediately with the intention of being tested in the 2017 academic year, for full implementation in 2018….read more. View Standard Bank Student Loan information pack.

Contact us

Bloemfontein Campus

Offices on Bloemfontein Campus

Fees and  Financial Aid (NSFAS and Bursaries Office) is situated in the Lapeng Building, ground floor (behind CUT FM).

Office Numbers: D17, D18, D19, D20 and D21


Mrs K Wilbraham | E-mail: kwilbrah@cut.ac.za

Mr M Klassen | E-mail: mklassen@cut.ac.za


Mrs L Scwebu | E-mail: lscwebu@cut.ac.za

Student Accounts (balances, quotations, results)

Ms K Wilbraham | Tel: +27(0)51 507 3334 | E-mail: amoleme@cut.ac.za

Bank deposits (Banking Details)

Ms B Beckman | E-mail: bbeckmann@cut.ac.za

Switchboard tel: +27(0)51 507 3911

Welkom Campus

Student Accounts (balances, quotations, results)

Ms Nketa Leteane | Tel: +27(0)57 910 3661 | E-mail: nleteane@cut.ac.za

Bursaries and Loans

Mrs E Taka | Tel: +27(0)57 910 3663 | E-mail: etaka@cut.ac.za

Ms N Leteane | Tel: +27(0)57 910 3661 | E-mail: nleteane@cut.ac.za


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