Developing CUT Graduate Attributes

CUT graduates should be skilled, innovative, socially responsible, technologically savvy and astute, focused and competent.

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The following ten graduate attributes should be fostered in our students in an environment rich with learning experiences, co-curricular experiences, formal courses and extracurricular activities:

Sustainable development
Be environmentally sensitive and recognize your role as a socially responsible citizen who care for the common good of others, the country and environment.


Community engagement
Be socially engaged in your communities.


3 Entrepreneurship
Be entrepreneurial, industrious and be able to recognize opportunities; turn them into ideas for enterprises. You shall have business acumen and display basic business skills.


4 Innovation and problem solving
Be innovative, think creatively and critically and apply a range of strategies to solve/find solutions for real world problems.Demonstrate the ability to apply theoretical knowledge that will lead to development of new ideas, methods, techniques, practices, products and services in a variety of contexts (technology, commerce, social systems).


5 Technologically literate
Use information and communication technologies effectively.


6 Numerate
Use basic mathematics, budgeting and financial management skills.


 7 Communication
Communicate proficiently, in oral, written, presentation, information searching and listening skills. Be assertive and articulate, be able to negotiate responsibly and persuade others effectively.


8 Technical and conceptual competence
Demonstrate depth of specialised disciplinary knowledge and skills and be able to apply them in different contexts to solve problems.


9 Team work
Work independently and in teams, to manage your own learning, work and take responsibility for self while contributing to teams such as learning communities.


10 Citizenship and Global Leadership
Make a meaningful and positive contribution to society, be ethical and visionary leaders who can show leadership in different contexts.


Uploaded: 19 January 2016


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