The Centre focuses on health sciences and health-related aspects, health promotion and the impacts of these aspects on human health.  The Centre will promote a healthy community through the application of related research, development, education and community service.


The Centre will be a principle role player in the fields of health sciences and health-related aspects in South Africa, the SADEC region as well as globally.



Because the Centre will be managed and operated by the personnel of the School of Health Technology, which include a wide spectrum of health sciences, we therefore decided to focus on specific research key theme areas.



The Centre’s development focus will be:

  • Research: The research programme within the Centre will concentrate on key issues of health-orientated programs and various research projects in the field of health sciences and provides opportunities for study at Doctoral, Masters and B-degree levels in the different School programmes.
  • Community service: Researching, developing and educating health sciences and health-related aspects within the community.  The Centre will strive to develop community-based or community-accessible systems to assess, develop and educate the above mentioned issues.
  • Commercial: This activity focuses on manufacture, analyses and assessments done commercially on service provider – client bases.  This could be on-going, regular or intermittent.  This will help unlocking the marketing potential of the Centre to ensure the financial independence of the Centre.


Student capacity building

The Centre creates research and development opportunities in health sciences for:

  • Postgraduate students (D.Tech),
  • Postgraduate students (M.Tech) and
  • Graduate students (B.Tech).


Contact us:
Prof. Elmien van den Heever-Kriek

Tel: +27 (0)51 507 3857 | E-mail:

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