thinking beyond

CUT and the Technology Innovation Agency recently entered into an agreement regarding the newly established TIA Seed Fund. This initiative will be managed by CUT on behalf of TIA

It is a Department of Science and Technology funded programme aimed at empowering prospective inventors/innovators – CUT staff, students, graduates and private individuals – from all fields of study with meritorious innovative ideas for the development and commercialisation of new products, processes or services.

Participants will qualify for financial assistance to a fixed maximum amount and receive support with respect to technological services and business expertise.  Such developments, possibly culminating in the registration of patents, designs or trademarks, may be commercialised with the assistance of the CUT Innovation Services (CSET Trust).

Prospective applicants, or groups of individuals who want to apply collaboratively, are welcome to visit the T&I Office at the corner of Victoria Road and Kolbe Avenue (across the street from the Art Building – maps) for information about the programme.

Uploaded: 17 March 2020