Research clusters and programmes are enablers for building a research and innovation culture.

The cluster is based on a collection of related research programmes, based on the critical mass in a particular field of research, research outputs, completed qualifications and funding awarded.

Although these clusters build strength in areas of focus, the principle of multi-, inter- and trans-disciplinary research, amongst listed programmes, is strongly supported.

Industrial Design, Communication and Development
  • New Product Development and Design
  • Evolvable Manufacturing, Automation and Vision- Systems
  • Sustainable Engineering
  • Water Resource Management
  • Information and Communication Technology


Quality of Health and Living
  • Applied Food Safety and Biotechnology
  • Sustainable Farming Systems
  • Applied Health Technology
  • Environmental Assessment and Management
  • Biotechnology


People and Skills Development
  • Socio-Economic Development Studies
  • Leisure Management
  • Education (sub-themes: Health Science Education, General Education, Service Learning, Academic & Professional Pedagogy, and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning)
  • Research Education


Contact: Research and Development


Updated: 20 April 2018

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