Medical Device Innovation Platform (MDIP)

The Board of the Medical Research Council (MRC) approved the establishment and financing of a Medical Device Innovation Platform – represented by four traditional universities and the CUT. It is recognised that technology, and more specifically medical devices, are playing an increasingly important role in healthcare globally. The healthcare challenges of the African region as a whole, and South Africa in particular, have resulted in a need for increased activity and government support in medical device innovation in South Africa. Consequently those institutions of higher learning that are involved in innovation and science and technology research indicated a desire to establish a Medical Device Innovation Platform (the MDIP) to conduct research and development of innovative medical devices for exploitation in the South African and International Market.

Prof. Michele Truscott, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, leads CUT’s team.  CUT’s inclusion in the core group came as no surprise because for a number of years, the availability of specialised expertise and state of the art manufacturing facilities have enabled staff and students of the CUT to be involved in the development and manufacture of such devices.

Research team members of the MDIP. Mr Gerrie Booysen, Director of CRPM, Dr Kobus van der Walt, and team leader Prof. Michele Truscott.
Research team members of the MDIP. Mr Gerrie Booysen, Director of CRPM, Dr Kobus van der Walt, and team leader Prof. Michele Truscott.

The MDIP has been established to ease the development of commercially viable medical devices through collaborative efforts of participating universities and its students.  The initiative is financed by the Medical Research Council and all projects are to be executed jointly by staff and postgraduate students of at least two participating universities.

Most activities of the unit will be in partnership with the Additive Manufacturing facilities of CRPM, since the design and production of a patient-specific implant is done using additive manufacturing.

Other partners include: Loughborough UniversityCentre for Applied Reconstructive Technologies in Surgery (Cartis)ABM – Abertawe Bro Morgannwg, University Health Board, The National Centre for Product Design + Development Research.



Microsoft PowerPoint - CRPM Launch
Mandibular Implant
Partners: CRPMUniversa v Mariboru



Microsoft PowerPoint - CRPM Launch
Nose bone Implant
Morriston Hospital Wales (UK)
Partners: CRPM, Morriston Hospital –Swansea, SensAble Technologies



 Microsoft PowerPoint - CRPM Launch  Microsoft PowerPoint - CRPM Launch
Custom Pelvic Implant
Partners: CRPMUCT


Scapula Implant Partners: CRPM, UCT
Scapula Implant
Partners: CRPMUCT


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