Book loans and returns

LEVEL 0 (ground floor). The Library Committee determines the rules regarding loan periods, recalls, renewals and reserved material.


The following rules apply to the LIS:

  • Only holders of valid CUT I.D. cards and holders of External User cards may borrow books and other LIS material.
  • The CUT I.D. card in its use as an LIS card and the External User card are not transferable.


Fines, as determined by the CUT Librarian, will be charged if:

  • The material is not returned by the deadline specified.
  • Reserved material is not returned within the specified period.

Payment of Fines

  • No cash is to be received at the LIS.
  • An Admission of Guilt form is to be signed at the circulation desk in the LIS.
  • The LIS Librarian will send the Admission of Guilt forms to the Accounts Department.
  • The due amount will be debited from the student’s account.

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

In addition to the levying of a fine, as provided above, failure to respond to requests for the return of overdue material will lead to suspension of LIS borrowing privileges in accordance with regulations determined by the Library Committee.

Departing Procedures

All students and staff members must clear their LIS account before graduating or leaving the CUT.


  • Books may be renewed for a further loan period, before or on the expiry date.
  • Books may be returned before the expiry date.
  • Books that have been issued may be recalled after fourteen days for another user. If another user has reserved books, the loan period will not be extended.
  • Fines for books that are returned late will be calculated to an amount of R1.00 per book per day, up to a maximum of R50.00.
  • Fines, as well as the costs in respect of books that have not been returned after a fixed period, will automatically be placed on the student’s account.
  • Reference works may only be consulted in the LIS.
  • It must be ensured that all sources removed by a user from the LIS have in fact been issued to the user.  The user will be responsible for any books that have been issued against his/her name.
  • Short collection material may be used for a 2-hour loan period in the LIS only. Fines for material that are returned late will be calculated to an amount of R2.00 per item per hour, up to a maximum of R50.00.
  • Library material found discarded in residences or lecture halls must be handed in at the LIS.


Created: 06 June 2018

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