Qualification & Code


Campus Duration of Programme Enrolment Option(s) SAQA Credits NQF Level Admission Requirements Selection and/or interview

4 year full-time

Semester 1



National Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification30 points on the M scale.


Additional Admission Requirements

For candidates who matriculated in 2007 or before:

In addition to the general admission requirements, a minimum mark of 60% on Standard Grade or 50% on Higher Grade in all three of the following subjects is required: Biology/Physiology, Physical Science, and Mathematics.

For candidates who completed the NSC in 2008 and thereafter:

In addition to the general admission requirements, a minimum mark of 50% in Life Sciences, Physical Science and Mathematics, is required.

Career Opportunities

Graduation with this qualification will allow employment as a diagnostic radiographer in a government- or private radiology practice; the educational sector and medical imaging companies as a sales representative. Radiographers registered with the Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA) are allowed to open their own private practice after two years of independent practice as a qualified diagnostic radiographer.





4th YEAR


ANA5000 Anatomy  & Physiology I
STF5000 Radiation Physics I
PTH5022 Pathology I
PCM5011 Patient Care- and Management I
RDP5000 Radiographic Procedures I
RCP5000 Research Principles I
LCS5001 Academic Literacy & Communication Studies
DLC5011 Digital Literacy
ADC5022 Advanced Academic Literacy
PIM5011 Personal Information Management
ANR6000 Anatomy & Pattern Recognition II
STF6000 Radiation Physics II
PTH6000 Pathology II
PCM6000 Patient Care- and Management II
RAD6000 Radiographic Practice II
RDP6000 Radiographic Procedures II
RCP6000 Research Principles II
IMT6000 Imaging Technology II
SPR7000 Sectional Anatomy & Pattern Recognition III
STF7000 Radiation Physics III
PTH7000 Pathology III
PCM7000 Patient Care- and Management III
RAD7000 Radiographic Practice III
RDP7000 Radiographic Procedures III
RCP7000 Research Principles III
IMT7000 Imaging Technology III
SPR8000 Sectional Anatomy & Pattern Recognition IV
STF8000 Radiation Physics IV
PCM8000 Patient Care- and Management IV
RAD8000 Radiographic Practice IV
RDP8000 Radiographic Procedures IV
RCP8000 Research Principles IV
PTH8000 Pathology IV
Electives semester I
PRP8011 Project Management Process IV
CNP8011 Microbiology and cannulisation IV
Electives semester II
PCC8022 Person Centred Care IV
ENT42AB2 Entrepreneurship IV

For more information contact: Department of Clinical Sciences

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Updated: 17 April 2018

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