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It is the Faculty’s objective to prepare graduates for professional business and public management practice. As a result of adopting a unique approach to business and public management training, the employment rate of our graduates is high. read more »
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The planning and development of CUT’s courses are based on the expert advice of consultative committees and specialists in business, commerce, the public sector and industry. All courses are vocationally oriented and based on a rigorous analytical approach.

It is the Faculty’s objective to prepare graduates for professional business and public management practice. As a result of adopting a unique approach to business and public management training, the employment rate of our graduates is high.  If you are interested in a career in the field of Accounting, Internal Auditing, Financial Information Systems, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Business Administration, Community Development, Office Management and Technology, Marketing Management, Public Management, Tourism Management or Hospitality Management, this Faculty is the place to be.

The offering of any programme is subject to a minimum number of candidates expressing interest therein and/or being selected for that specific programme.

Qualification Structure

The National Diploma is a three-year, full-time, career-oriented qualification. After completing the National Diploma, the student may continue with a fourth year of study to obtain the Baccalaureus Technologiae (BTech) degree, subject to meeting specific programme requirements. A student who is already part of the active workforce and who possesses an M+3 qualification (or equivalent) may complete the BTech degree part-time over a two-year period (or over a one-year period in the case of the BTech: Public Management). Students also have the opportunity to enrol for the Magister Technologiae (MTech) and Doctor Technologiae (DTech) degrees (where applicable).

In the Department of Accounting and Auditing, students must first complete the two-year National Higher Certificate on a full-time basis before they may enrol for the National Diploma in their third year. Thereafter, students may progress to the BTech degrees.

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Updated: 18 April 2018

Faculty Dean

Management Sciences

Prof. AJ Strydom

Prof. Albert Strydom is the Dean of the Faculty of Management Sciences since 1 October 2009.  He is a graduate of the University of the Free State and holds a PhD in Economics. Prof. Strydom joined CUT in 1996 as a senior lecturer in Tourism Management.  He was promoted to Programme Head:  Tourism Management in […] More »

Departments in this faculty

  • Department of Business Management

    The Department of Business Management offers the two cutting-edge and sought-after programmes, namely, Human Resources Management and Marketing Management programmes. Since their inceptions, the two programmes (Marketing & HR) have earned an excellent reputation for enabling their graduates to think locally and act globally in all aspects of their programme offerings. We offer National Diploma; […]

    learn more »
  • Department of Accounting and Auditing

    The global competitive markets in which enterprises operate necessitate reliable, relevant and understandable financial information to base managerial, strategic and economic decisions upon in their quest to succeed and grow. This crucial information is provided by the Accounting and Auditing professions, which currently experiences a broad based shortage. You can assist South Africa in alleviating […]

    learn more »
  • Department of Business Support Studies

    We offer practice and career orientated programmes in the following areas: Project Management Business Administration and Office Management and Technology Business Support Studies Head of Department Prof. D Dzansi Tel:  +27(0)51 507 3219 |  E-mail:  ddzansi@cut.ac.za   Programmes NEW! Diploma: Office Management and Technology  National Diploma: Office Management and Technology (No new intake, programme phasing out.) Baccalaureus Technologiae: […]

    learn more »
  • Department of Government Management

    We offer practice-and career-orientated training in which we focus on: Promotion and enhancement; Accountability; Effective service delivery; Freedom of action; Democratic government and A development orientated public sector The following programme is available: Public Management Community Development Government Management Head of Department Prof. T van Niekerk Tel:  +27(0)51 507 3378 |  E-mail:  edwardst@cut.ac.za Programmes Higher Certificate: […]

    learn more »
  • Department of Hospitality Management (Hotel School)

    The Hotel School is at the forefront of hospitality training and offers a three year National Diploma and B Tech degree. The Hotel School students are highly recommended for employment, i.e. banqueting managers, hoteliers, guesthouse managers, restaurant managers, chefs, waiters, bar tenders, event managers, front office, etc. Hospitality Management Head of Department Ms Dalene Crowther […]

    learn more »
  • Department of Tourism and Event Management

    The South African tourism industry shows dramatic growth and a demand for well qualified Tourism Managers. The Department of Tourism and Event Management offers a degree or diploma in Tourism Management. Learning with us will ultimately lead to transfer of cognitive, technological, operational and emotional intelligence whilst maintaining the unique character, service excellence and ethics […]

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