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Hiring CUT Hall/Venue/Grounds

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Contact : Ms Susan Joubert

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The main objective of Estates and Infrastructure is to provide the physical infrastructure necessary to enable the University to achieve its goals in teaching, research and community service. The section comprises of the following sub-units:

Cleaning services | Gardening services | Grounds services | Sport venue services | Vehicle fleet services | Postal services | Maintenance services | Capital projects | Venue bookings


The goal of facilities is to provide a leading edge management and planning service in the abovementioned services that contribute to the success of the CUT as a vibrant and progressive University by:

  • Providing fleet services of the highest quality to both staff and students;
  • Providing postal services of the highest quality to both staff and students;
  • Ensuring  clean and  neat facilities to staff and students;
  • Providing a vibrant campus environment which is safe and easily accessible and project an image of CUT as a dynamic and progressive University;
  • Providing sport facilities that are safe, clean and fit for purpose to both internal and external customers;
  • Providing professional, innovative and timely maintenance services to staff and students;

We achieve this through:

  • A high level of facilities planning and development leadership
  • Strategic management of the University’s assets
  • The provision of a quality physical environment
  • Customer focused support services
  • An honest ethical approach to work, displaying integrity and respect for each other and our customers;
  • Recognition and acknowledgement of the contribution of all staff and a commitment to their on-going training and development;
  • A commitment to team work
  • A customer focused, timely delivery of our services;
  • A safe and a healthy workplace;
  • Consultative leadership, personal commitment and open communication;

Contact us


Mr Rick Pengilly

Tel: +27 (0)51 507 3010 | E-mail:

Manager: Maintenance

Werner Britz

Tel: +27 (0)51 507 3560 | E-mail:

Manager: Logistics

Elmarie Hugo

Tel: +27 (0)51 507 3557 | E-mail:

Created: 08 May 2018

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