Department of Business Management

The Department of Business Management offers the two cutting-edge and sought-after programmes, namely, Human Resources Management and Marketing Management programmes. Since their inceptions, the two programmes (Marketing & HR) have earned an excellent reputation for enabling their graduates to think locally and act globally in all aspects of their programme offerings. We offer National Diploma; […] read more »

Department of Accounting and Auditing

The global competitive markets in which enterprises operate necessitate reliable, relevant and understandable financial information to base managerial, strategic and economic decisions upon in their quest to succeed and grow. This crucial information is provided by the Accounting and Auditing professions, which currently experiences a broad based shortage. You can assist South Africa in alleviating […] read more »

Department of Communication Sciences

The Department of Communication Sciences offers Language Practice qualifications. This Multi-faceted qualification offers great opportunities to graduates in a number of organisations. read more »

Department of Built Environment

The Department of Built Environment prepares diplomates and graduates for careers in structured physical- and cost planning, as well as management of construction projects, such as buildings, civil engineering structures, infrastructure and restoration work. read more »

Department of Civil Engineering

Civil engineering makes a region habitable. Before construction starts, the civil engineering team must carefully plan and design the works. They also supervise the construction facilities that include structures such as bridges, airports, highways, power lines, dams, and sewage and water purification plants. read more »

Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering

The Department of Electrical, Electronic & Computer Engineering offers courses in Electrical Engineering: Light Current and Heavy Current as well as Computer Systems Engineering.  These courses deal with the study and application of electricity, electronics, electrostatics and electromagnetism – which covers a range of sub-studies including power electronics, control systems, signal processing and telecommunications. Electrical, […] read more »

Department of Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology offers programmes in Software Development and Web & Application development. read more »

Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

The Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences is a service department, offering: Mathematics Statistics and Physics to students of the different faculties at CUT. Mathematical and Physical Sciences   Head of Department  Dr HE Brink Tel.: +27 (0)51 507 3087 | Fax: +27 (0)51 507 3254 | E-mail: Updated: 05 May 2017 read more »

Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering

The Department of Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering is concerned with the conception, design, implementation and operation of mechanical systems.  It strives for excellence in education, training, research and development to meet the wealth creation and upliftment needs of the Free State and South Africa in this regard. The department provide its diplomates and graduates with […] read more »

Department of Agriculture

The Department of Agriculture offers a National Diploma and Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Agricultural Management. read more »

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