CUT Management supports free, quality education for academically deserving poor and “missing-middle” students, as well as the conversion of NSFAS loans to grants/bursaries for academically deserving students.

The page serves as a central update point of critical information with regards to the impact of #FeesMustFall at CUT. Important information will be shared here.

IMPORTANT: Assessments to commence on Monday, 7 November 2016. Both Bloemfontein and Welkom campuses. Senate approved the following recommendations pertaining to assessments 2016:
    1. All students should be allowed to write the final assessment.
    2. After the final assessment, the final mark and the course mark will remain and apply as in the CUT 2016, calendar, p.183 i.e. 40% for the course mark and 60% for the final assessment for semester subjects and 20% course mark and 30% final assessment mark per unit for year subjects to determine the final mark.
    3. Students with 50% and above final mark will pass even if their course mark is below 40% for semester students and even if their course mark is below 20% per unit for year subjects. Students with 45% to 49% final mark qualify for re-assessment.
    4. In cases where some students couldn’t write one or more tests due to intimidation or any other cases with merit, they should be given another opportunity to complete the outstanding assessment online so that they can have a complete course mark. This should preferably happen before the commencement of final assessment.
    See communique, 28 October 2016
    Student access to Library and Information Services (LIS), Student Academic Support Centres and 24-hour learning spaces: These facilities, which recorded a high usage by our students during the past few weeks, will remain open to all students throughout the main and re-assessment periods.
    The closing time of the Bloemfontein campus' LIS was extended from 22:00 to 24:00, whilst the closing time of the Welkom campus' LIS was extended from 19:00 to 22:00.
    Furthermore, Management is currently exploring the possibility of also extending the closing time of the Welkom campus' LIS to 24:00. In addition, we have embarked on a pilot study to open 24-hour computer rooms at each campus, which will be implemented from Monday, 31 October 2016.
    Hours of venues
    See communique, 31 October 2016
    The registration fee should be 10% of students' respective total tuition fees: In 2016, registration guidelines, with concessions, and Financial appeals guidelines, aimed at making the registration process less stressful, were developed and shared with students. A similar set of registration guidelines will be made available to students for the 2017 registration process. Management remains committed to ensure that all academically deserving students from a poor background will have access to higher education, and will not be rejected to any form of financial exclusion. Furthermore, Management has a responsibility to ensure and enhance the financial sustainability of the University, in order to deliver quality academic and research programmes and services to our students, through a well-qualified and committed staff complement.
    Students' Representative Council (SRC) bursary for financially excluded students: The Management Committee (Mancom), at its meeting of 18 October 2106, approved the establishment of a Student Financial Support Fund (SFSF) in co-operation with the SRCs. The Fund will be launched during this week to support financial needy students.
    Waiving of the application fee as from 2018: The University Council approved the reduction of the application fee for late applications for 2017 from R430 to R230. Furthermore, Management appointed a Task Team to embark on a research process regarding the application fee for 2018. A report in this regard will be submitted to Council in March 2017.
    Concerns relating to book, food and accommodation allowances: As these matters are related to NSFAS, the CFO is currently engaging with NSFAS on the concerns raised by our students, in an attempt to resolve these concerns before 2017.
See communique, 31 October 2016
South African Police Services (SAPS):
    Following students' allegations of victimisation by police officers, Management met with Brigadier Lekoeleea on 20 October 2016. He invited students to press charges against those police offers, as the police are not above the law. One such a charge has already been filed in court. It was further requested that, as from Monday, 24 October 2016, the SAPS operate from outside the perimeters of the University, and only intervene when the situation deems necessary. CUT Management takes full responsibility for this decision, which was conveyed to the student leadership, so that they could also exercise leadership by ensuring that the academic programme will not be disrupted any further.
Tightened and strengthened security system:
    Safety and security are major priorities for both CUT Council and Management. Council approved a budget of R5 million towards the improvement of both campuses' security systems. The first phase of this project, namely to repair cameras and install additional cameras in critical areas, will be completed by the end of this year.
Mobile police station at the traffic circle in Mothusi Road, Welkom:
    Management fully supports this request. The Director: Welkom campus is currently engaging the Matjhabeng Local Municipality and the SAPS in this regard.
    See communique, 31 October 2016

CUT Protection Services Contacts

Bloemfontein Campus
    Tel: +27 (0)51 507 3732 or +27 (0)51 507 3767
    After hours: +27 (0)723547767
Welkom Campus
    Tel: +27 (0)57 910 3555
    After hours: +27 (0)828012085
Free data to help students with their studies:
    The four major mobile operators in South Africa, namely Telkom, Vodacom, MTN and Cell C, have agreed to provide mobile data services to students until the end of the year, to enable them to access online academic material.
    Cell C: free data promotion will terminate on the last day of February 2017.
communication on 28 October 2016

Updated: 31 October 2016

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