74-year-old CUT graduate receives his doctoral degree

Dr Phillip Robert Stott received another doctoral degree today at the age of 74. Dr Stott is the first D.Eng Civil Engineering student to receive this qualification. He also co-supervised two M.Eng Civil students who graduated with him at the same ceremony (Mr Dirk Maartens Bester and Mr Wessel Schalk Badenhorst).

March Grad 2w

In his doctoral research, he addressed the problem of damage caused by expansive clays. The results revealed that current standard testing methods are inadequate for identifying and assessing expansive soils. The study ultimately resulted in the development of more suitable procedures. To date, seven papers on the research were published in international conference proceedings, and technical journals, whilst two more articles have been accepted for publication.

He was awarded the following degrees: B.Sc.(Honours) (1965) and M.Sc.(1967) in the School of Engineering of the Faculty of Science; Manchester University; Manchester, England. PhD (Dissertation: Scriptural Inerrancy in the light of Scientific Discovery); Reformation International Theological Seminary; Florida; USA.

He is affiliated with the following Professional Associations: Registered Professional Engineer: S. A. Council for Professional Engineers No.840517 (since 1984), Engineering Council of South Africa. No. 20090045 (since 2009), a member of the SA Institute of Civil Engineers (since 1985) and also a member of the SA Institution of Civil Engineering (Structural and Geotechnical divisions) No. 20091030 (since 2009). He received The Henry Adams Award of the Institute of Structural Engineers (1968-69 session).


Dr Phillip Robert Stott is congratulated by his promoter, Prof. Elizabeth Lize Theron, Associate Professor: Civil Engineering (left).


Uploaded: 28 March 2018

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